The Miracle IQUBE - by Quantum Sound Therapy

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.
— Nikola Tesla


Quantum Scalar Technology based on Nikola Tesla's genius & 40 years of Research & Development. We restore & improve lives & environments.

• Removes deep fears • Increases test scores • Clarity • Relieves Stress • Restores body, mind, & Soul. • Awakens the spiritual glands that have been dormant for thousands of years • Accelerates your Intuition & Awakening • Deepens Mediation • Deep & Restful Sleep/ Entrains you effortlessly with deep delta, theta, gamma alpha brain wave states • Rebuilds Telomeres • Improves Vision • Clears EMF's, Dirty Energy & Entities • Inner Peace • Clears chemicals from frontal lobe • Assists Glands & Organs • Kundalini Awakening • Repairs Relationships • Peaceful Environments • Office & Business Success • Replenishes nutrients in Soil • Germinates seeds quicker to eliminate the need for pesticides • Clears early life trauma; the root of failure/not good enough • Deepens your meditation, sleep, learning and concentration power • Automatically balances & clears your chakras • Cannabis wave for creativity & aches and pains • Clears Addictions & in many cases unintentionally. Easy to use with 24/7 plug-n-play! 

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“[This is] the only technology that is teaching the quantum brain to function.”
Dr. Octavio Pino, Neuroscientist

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"I can only share with you from my own experience and a testimony of a woman whose husband almost completely stopped drinking without knowledge of this Quantum Scalar technology or what it was doing in his home. I cannot tell you what it will do for you; every person has had different experiences, most they did not expect. But it seems the Soul decides what it needs most. For this woman and myself, it was indeed a miracle. She bought it for herself to get through the sadness, fear, depression, and stress of an alcoholic husband. She thought it was going to help her live peacefully, which it did. But She did not expect her husband to gradually over six months time Drink less and less. After 20 years of an alcoholic marriage, they are finally living the life they had hoped to achieve.

I have been trying to eliminate coffee for years, and I realized one day after three months had passed not only had I been drinking just green tea, I did not miss the coffee at all. I tried to have a cup recently because my son purchased one that smelled really delicious— so I took two sips and spat it out. (It might as well have been raw chopped liver 😣) It was effortless to stop.

The same thing happened with wine—I had made all the excuses in the world why a glass of red wine was important at dinner yet I knew my body was saying this is just making me toxic. I ignored it. Now There is no desire for it anymore. That doesn’t mean I am saying 'never,' don’t ever say never. It just means it’s not appealing and that made it super easy to let it go. When running the Miracle technology 24/7 in my home it dissolved the reason for the addictions, the unbeknown core issues just like it transmutes /cancels dirty energy and EMF’s — as the highest frequency wins and it is higher than any other frequency.

I feel blessed to have discovered this technology. The most interesting part for me is that I never set the intention using the Miracle to get rid of these addictions, I had been focusing on pineal activation and awakening… The body knew what I needed before any of that could even begin to happen!💗 But in the same time, perhaps it was rooted in the decalcification of the pineal gland --the voice of reason and transformation."



Miracle iQube

Shifts your frequency 24×7 so you
live your life empowered

Effortless clears & removes deep seated fears & traumas

Improves happiness, relationships & quality of life

Creates a dynamic quantum-scalar energy field that raises your vibration 24x7

Entrains you effortlessly with deep delta, theta, gamma, alpha brain wave states--Deepens meditations and sleep

Activate spiritual glands dormant for thousands of years

Accelerate Intuition, Awakening & Transformation

Clears environment of discordant energy and EMFs

FOCUS! Learning & concentration power

Balances and clears your chakras

Simple to use & portable

For families, practitioners, students & business owners

Stimulated, and clears the brain

Pets love it. Sick animals are drawn to the Miracle for wellness!

Raises your vibration and consciousness 24x7

Plays 24/7 on all A.M. or P.M. Programs, or you can Loop on Your Favorites as well as Create Your Own Mix --We will tell you how!

Plays 24/7 on all A.M. or P.M. Programs, or you can Loop on Your Favorites as well as Create Your Own Mix --We will tell you how!

The MIRACLE is "Heaven on Earth”
The secret to Miracle lies hidden within the sacred geometry...
“With Miracle, we have added all of the steps from our other iQubes. This time though, we were able to complete what has taken me a lifetime to produce: Triple Nesting Scalar Vortex Miracoils...
We finally succeeded in creating one scalar vortex pump inside another scalar vortex pump, within another scalar vortex pump. The complex counter-rotational cancellation fields generated from this nesting of three scalar vortexes create zero point energy...
This sacred geometry design is extremely complicated. Over the years I suffered many failures, but finally, we made a major breakthrough.
The triple nesting design is a perfect example of the Divine Sciences since Miracle uses the Law of Three.
I’m in awe of what it’s capable of doing. I have no words to describe this gift to humanity.”
Robert Lloy, Creator of the Miracle iQube

It all started when...

I first picked up and held the Miracle Scalar iQube against my chest. Profound waves of energy were expanding my heart, throat and pineal gland. It felt like something deep within was awakening. I am very energy sensitive, and knew immediately I needed to know more!

All my meetings and research made it clear that not only was this company legitimate, but they had been around for 40 years with integrity, cutting-edge technology, and only wanting the highest well-being for the planet.

One clients experience after just one 24-minute voice analysis with the Miracle. She had gone through a 'heart-breaking' experience - I am wiling to bet that doesn't happen after traditional therapy!

Before and After

Before and After


The Miracle system opens up a totally new dimension of personal expansion and transformation. You have the ability to allow it to play automatically 24/7, or program specific wave frequencies, such as focus - concentrate for study,  at a board meeting, or just need to get things done. Can't sleep? After clearing the EMF's and dirty energy, loop on Delta, or just let it play through all the PM wave files.

Uplifts you in Plug & Play Scalar Energy= 24×7 Positive Vibes.

RELAX into the field of Coherent, Calm Zero point harmony. Plug & play, 24×7, Scalar, Sound, Inert Noble Gas Technology wraps your environment and your being in a coherent zero point energy field

Free coherent vibrational energy support delivered right into your home 24×7. You just go about the business of creating your life with clarity, coherence and love. It does the rest to support you energetically

·  2 triple nested scalar wave vortex Tesla-like coils (2x the Harmony iQube)

·  1 custom inert noble gas xenon ampoule

·  1 custom inert noble gas all 5 includes: argon, neon, helium, krypton, xenon

·  1 Digital Player Pre-programmed with all major frequency programs Telomeres, organs, glands, gamma brain waves, theta brain waves, focus frontal lobe for enhanced focus & concentration, Schumann resonance for Earthing/grounding, food imprinting, wellness, heart opening, digestion, pineal activation, lucid dreaming, raise your frequency, and clearing environment)

·  Light therapy: LED’s 4 on each side for cellular rejuvenation

·  Hexagonal Copper Cores for grounding and balancing energy

·  Carbon Inserts

·  1 Oxygen Insert

·  Voltage adapter for 110/220 voltage requirements

·  1 Oxygen Insert

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AM Waves


Powerfully clears, balances and harmonizes your energy field and gently awakens kundalini. Used for clearing, balancing, harmonizing and kundalini awakening. Can also be applied for healing and to balance detoxification symptoms. Great for working on Kundalini awakening. Place the Miracle at the base of your spine horizontally, and meditate.


Clears & detoxifies negative emotions, extraneous psychic intruders and field of energy around you (both your personal energy field and the space.) Originally designed for the Protection iqube. This can be used if you sense any environmental intrusion, discordant energy or extraneous emotional energy. You can use for instant clearing (seconds) if you sense something is out of balance in your environment.


Frequencies to activate the frontal lobe in seconds. (seat of genius, creativity and problem solving) You can either just play the soundtrack and hold the Miracle or put it on top of your head to develop the insight of what you need to do. Elevated and in-depth version of the soundtrack of the focus iQube. It increases concentration, clarity, creativity, memory and learning. Can be used as an accelerated study tool for children or adults confronted with complex learning tasks, or to prepare for important tests. Can also be used to slow down the impact of memory loss Take and put at 3rd eye, keep eyes open, look at LED – will activate frontal lobe rapidly. Place for 3 seconds then close your eyes. Excellent tool for the work environment when you need to manifest, create, write, create new solutions. Also can be used as an antidote for depression and sadness. (This soundtrack can be used as a quick fix if you are stuck in any repetitive thought or emotional pattern. You will experience a shift immediately. Can also be played on repeat in the work environment to stimulate productivity.)


Through our breakthrough research, we have developed 3 specialized frequencies for the Schumann resonance. These frequencies are useful or grounding and balancing your energy. Place your left hand on miracle put in vertical position send energy down through your feet to the earth to ground yourself. Useful for digestion, nausea or stomach upset. Place the cylinder horizontally at the 2nd chakra and allow frequencies to work on digestion. If having cramps or indigestion, beam the LED lights into the stomach. 3-30 minutes


Designed to open the DNA so it re patterns itself.


Designed to gradually and gently open the heart chakra. This powerful soundtrack was created originally for the Theta Love launched in 2012. Get centered and take cylinder horizontal at the heart or vertically from chin down and direct the energy. Start to feel what’s going on. Great for de charging. If you have silent time and want to meditate and feel the layer of the onion. The heart chakra has joy and bliss and sadness anger and grief all stored for 1000 of years. When you start opening the heart you get angry and fearful because it’s all contained there. Take the cylinder and put it directly at the heart chakra. Wrap left hand around Miracle cylinder, place right hand over, feel yourself penetrating through layers of stuff. Hilarion said we would get the most resistance to this but it’s the most beneficial.


Pineal Decalcification

The glands are the emergency system of the body. Originally created for the Theta Love iQube, pineal decalcification is the most important focus of our work. Many modern influences have calcified the pineal. This soundtrack stimulates the Pituitary (the master regulator of the glands) and the Pineal. The central focus is pineal activation. Everyone’s organs are in bad shape so the glands are the defense system of the body. If you put left hand at bottom and right hand wrapped and place it vertically one inch higher than the collar bone in vertical position. Very energizing. Put on top of head, this is food for your brain and glands. Do for a couple seconds. This is consciously activating the pineal. Same at third eye. Recommend a couple seconds. When you do this, you’re going to want to keep your eyes open for a few seconds. The 660 nanometer LED let you know the scalar is working but this wave length is very healing (cancer) this is good on 3rd eye. Coherent brain plus coherent heart supported by a coherent environment equals conscious evolution.


Stimulates and balances Organs for Regeneration, Health and Well Being. Originally designed for the Awaken and the Tesla iQube.


A soundtrack designed for vision clarity. You can take the Miracle Scalar Cylinder and look at the LEDS for a few seconds to release stress from over concentration, eye strain and brain fog. For Headache place on Third eye right eye and left eye back of the head and top of the head. Each for a couple seconds.


State of the master meditator. You can place the Miracle Scalar Cylinder all over the body to increase your bliss.. Specifically place at top of head for brain or base of the spine for kundalini awakening. For the seasoned meditator entraining with the Gamma Brainwave State will increase high energy, peak performance and genius. This is a very audible soundtrack. It accelerates awakening If you train yourself to go into Gamma your highly productive. An all-knowing state. If you can train yourself to go into this state will change your life. Good for depression or low energy. If doing a group and need to make a quick shift or feel a heavy weight do this one. It will activate and uplift. This was created recently around 2015.



Becoming Blissful…This sound track contains the frequency for amruta – a fluid that is produced in throat. It purifies the entire body drips down from the crown chakra technically it’s the pituitary gland. You see the world in a state of bliss. What the yogis are experiencing. Encourage the activation of amrita the divine blessing. This is applied to spirit molecule water. Good meditation soundtrack. Very peaceful. Third eye back of head to activate higher centers.


Unusually short telomeres may be a sign of illness, and Dr. Blackburn, who shared the 2009 Nobel Prize in medicine for her work on telomeres (TEEL‑o‑meers), thinks measuring them could give doctors and patients a chance to intervene early and maybe even prevent disease. This soundtrack is designed to uplift, rejuvenate and regenerate. Place the Scalar Energy Miracoil in a vertical position chin from your chin to your heart. You can experience the activation of cell and the Increase in cellular energy. Great for circulation, inflammation anything associated with aging. Hormonal balance.


Luna wasn't feeling well. She moved herself from the far end of the bed where she had been placed facing away from the MIRACLE, and within minutes turned herself around and snuggled right up to it. Smart Kitty!

Luna wasn't feeling well. She moved herself from the far end of the bed where she had been placed facing away from the MIRACLE, and within minutes turned herself around and snuggled right up to it. Smart Kitty!

This is the most significant generic soundtrack to create wellness, balance and harmony. Helps to clear your personal energy field. Great for healers, massage therapists. It is beneficial to use with groups when they are releasing, and balance the energy. Always end groups with Wellness.

It is the best soundtrack to use at the end of the group sessions. Move it around where there’s pain, inflammation, lack of circulation.

Don’t use to meditate. Combine with Healing visualization and meditation.


Deep relaxation and creativity. quickly alters your state. Need to think outside of the box, need to shift. Not see things in a negative way. Relaxing Soundtrack. Useful to alter energy in a group quickly to lighten things. If de-charging is going on it will shift it into something positive. We memorized negative subconscious pattern and when in a group it’s magnified. Don’t use on loop for projects, otherwise can got to spacey and not accomplish what you intended to.


PM Waves


Clears extraneous energy of all varieties. (astral, emotional, mental)


Supports you to enter deep sleep cycles, and also for deep meditation and relaxation. If this is played during your daytime cycle, you may become groggy. Never play this while driving.


Most of us are seriously magnesium deficient due to the declining minerals in the soil. Magnesium deficiency is a root cause of many physical and emotional imbalances and stress. This soundtrack is designed to give you this much needed element in frequency. Consider it highly nourishing frequency food. It is also very relaxing. Magnesium deficiency can cause stress and stress can contribute to magnesium deficiency. The sound frequency of magnesium is very relaxing.


Activate your visualization during dream state. Vivid dreams – programs dreams if you need a solution to something. It will come into a lucid dream. 20 Minutes of Lucid Dreaming can resolve…


Elements paired. When you have to process quickly and not get out of balance. Things shift so fast always regaining your equilibrium.


Shortcut to raise your frequency without all the work.


Simple, natural ocean waves for calm contemplation. Played through scalar wave miracle coils provides a way to settle down. Excellent to relax children. Great to mediate with.


Similar in structure and composition to the Miracle Sound Track


Also Included:

DEEP DELTA SLEEP (4 hours of Delta Theta Brain waves)

Clears extraneous energy of all varieties. (astral, emotional, mental)


Clears extraneous energy of all varieties. (astral, emotional, mental)

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I had a choice of spending $7,000. on a two week vacation or purchasing the MIRACLE. I decided on the MIRACLE. IT was an investment that would benefit my family and myself 24x7 for many years to come.
It has been the best decision and purchase I have ever made!” -Karen Thompson