Transformational Life and Spiritual Mentor / Coach
When I tune in with you and feel the conversations around you, I feel the pulse of all the heretics and martyrs and system-busters digging in and pushing toward the betterment of our evolution and human consciousness and culture. - IAN JAY BURTON
Angelica is not only an artist of a designer of homes and gardens but a truly gifted Renaissance Woman. I also discovered she is a transformation guide, (which I had no understanding of until I met her). She holds a bright light for others to see situations clearly from a different vantage point. She allowed me to understand how I was my own worst enemy. She is far more than a designer of homes and gardens. - Jason T. Bradley

Angelica came to disseminate the wisdom of all the ages, make it palpable—unadulterated and indisputable for all of humanity to become fully human and reintegrate into their Divine Self.

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“In my most basic form, I am an aspect of Consciousness /Creation experiencing Itself through the illusion of me. Everything is consciousness, not just human form, but everything, and present moment awareness is the only space one can have the understanding of the experience.

This is what Consciousness revealed to me over 15-years ago when I asked before meditation, “What purpose do I have? Why am I here? This was this answer to my question, ‘You are Consciousness itself, God expressing God through you. Yet, there is no you. Consciousness is the most basic truth of the universe – the universe is consciousness and it is God expanding God.’

Consciousness is experiencing and expanding through what is called you, as well as every person, place or thing—Divinity is experiencing and mirroring Itself.”

That being said, the role Angelica Christi came to play is a shape-shifter as well as bring in and instilling information in a way that is palatable that humanity can digest and understand. Creating sacred space through interior & landscape design and the elements of earth, water, and sound, to personal growth, she has the unique ability to transform the mundane into extraordinary. She is a Alchemist, designer and teacher, born in Northern California. She uses her divine given talents, and the wisdom acquired through travel and on her inner journey as a catalyst to serve humanity on the internal and physical levels of human existence. Her passion is guiding people along the path of personal transformation through their homes, gardens, or inner worlds. Her journey has been one of explicitly trusting & continual surrendering to the wisdom of a higher power.

She is a Spiritual Coach, Designer of Sacred Space, Poet, Instiller of Wisdom, Teacher, Author, Artist, and Interior & Landscape Designer.


She was born with the ability to feel the pulse and read the energy of people, things, and the planet. At six years of age, she started creating remedies from nature to heal insects and animals. She also used the vibrational frequency emanating from her hands and energy field. When she was seven, Angelica realized not everyone could do what she did, so she suppressed her abilities to fit into her family and her world.

Angelica began to awaken to her authentic self at the age of sixteen. She opened her eyes and the journey she agreed to take in this lifetime. Angelica lives in and works from the hologram and has a memory of circular reality, which is very distinct to her and very unusual for the human species. She has never been interested in doing something for herself that she could not teach to the masses.

Angelica is a lover of art and nature, and travels the world to share wisdom and inspiration. Angelica has lived in Hawaii, Mexico, Oregon, Northern and Southern California, and Washington. She has three adult children and four grandchildren. She travels the world to share her passion for beauty and wellness.


“My passion is about the energy connection of all things. What we do affects everything else. The more we heal inwardly; the vaster our gifts are for ourselves and our planet.”

“Every Life Journey is Meant to Be Magical!”

It all started when...

“It all started when I was a child and knew, energy, beauty, sound, and a field beyond my understanding, was woven into all of life--including myself.

I would go outside just before sunrise to watch the rhythm of creation, in a beautiful vibrational cosmic dance.

I knew I saw the world differently than my family and most friends, so I mostly kept these realizations to myself.

I could see the energy coming from people, furniture, land, paint, animals, you name it, and it often formed pictures of what was going on in peoples lives or the most urgent pulse of the planet.

This life is about the connection of all things, and raising the vibration of everything through the high frequency of beauty.

From Merchandising to Interior & Garden Design, Mentoring the Soul, Creating Sacred Spaces, and now, integrating all my gifts to assist in the awakening and wellness of the Planet.

This is my journey... and I invite you to experience your potential beyond-human-mind into the divinely beautiful world that awaits you.