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When ‘spiritual' teachers and ‘healers’ are not transparent about their own healing process—and I am not talking about PAST events—those are easy to share, a kind of ‘look at me now’ in your face that you too can do this. Which is fine, but the real authentic teachers share what they are going through now, knowing their life is a process of deep understanding beyond the wounded mind.

Knowing that one major breakthrough will led to another step into transformation, another opportunity to master what was desired to be learned and unconditionally loved this life-time. Healer and teachers that pretend their lives are now perfect, are dishonest. I don’t know anyone on the planet that is fully awakened and pure—even profound people like Mooji. There are still things he realizes and is learning before he transitions into an energy light being, but also knows he has much to share. Clue. When we want anything for ‘another’ on a deeper level we are only wanting it for ourselves.

You are not alone in your healing process; this entire planet is healing something. And everything you see outside yourself is your mirror and guide—take it seriously.

I was trained in many profound healing modalities, and I know I have mastered a tremoundous amount, but there are always finer levels to bring us what we truly want…HAPPINESS. I not only use them with my clients, but myself… continuously.