Projectors -We are the Creatives, the Seer's, those that 'penetrate' the 'other's' and know what is needed in the moment.

Projectors -We are the Creatives, the Seer's, those that 'penetrate' the 'other's' and know what is needed in the moment.

Today, I FINALLY GOT IT! WOW, That took me a very  l-o-n-g  time!
Something happened today and because I was hyper-vigilant about paying attention to my 'inner Splenic Authority / response' (I am a Projector with a Splenic response in Human Design), I was told how I should listen to something and apply it to what I was attempting to succeed in. All was great... until I opened the audio/video link and a 'Generator,' I am almost positive, was showing how to accomplish a task to find clients that would be interested in what I do.
My chest and throat constricted. I pulled at my tank top and found my other hand across my throat trying to sooth it. I wanted to run... or cry, or both. Because 'how to be successful' in a business I believed in with my HEART and SOUL, I wasn't able to perform the tasks being asked of me.
It was brought to my attention by the same lovely being that was trying to help me, and sent me the link, "You created your website in a weekend! These guys said... (something about not spending weeks on a website right now). She brought to my attention all the visuals I do, etc., so this should be easy, right?
No. No. NO! Because I lose so much energy from being put in a box, I never belonged in!  Beware all Projectors or Types, don't try to do what you didn't come too. I can stand with (Generator or Manifesting Generator) and brainstorm, come up with a zillion solutions and ideas, but don't make me carry them out unless it is  one of the creative aspect --that's your job, not mine!

I knew there was a really good reason I came into this world with a so-called disability; “dyslexia” which was my clue, not a handicap. I came as a creative, not a detail or numbers person.

(What happened internally? I felt like a failure! I questioned what was wrong with me. Why had I sold dozens of these incredible, life, health, awakening, and planetary changing Scalar Technologies last year and this year I was dying? BURNOUT--doing it alone depleted my spirit!)

 I now understand beyond reason or the mind, for the directions I was being given may be how most of the world works (except Projector in Human Design), but it is completely WRONG!!! for Projectors.

Everything I have done exceptionally well, was because 'IT WAS FUN!' The catch - Once I went it ALONE for too long, my energy and drive vanished. I began to feel like I was being strangled and my life-force was draining. NO joke. (In fact, I was emotionally and energetically.) Every project or company I believed in, started with a thrust of energy driven by an inner 'Splenic' knowing. Fun! Fun! Fun! and I did really well... until I became depleted; physically, mentally, and emotionally.

It is not about, can I trust this person or not. It has nothing to do with trusting or not trusting another! The Question is, can I trust myself based on my Inner Authority? When I don’t, it is not anyone else’s fault. It is mine. We must each learn to trust our Authority! Our Design.

(if you don’t know yours shoot me an email and I will give you your Type, and Inner Authority based on birth info including time, place.)

PROJECTORS need Generators and Manifesting Generators. And whether or not Generators or Manifesting Generators believe they need Projectors, They Do!

Although this is important, So much of the popular success advice is not correct for us as Projectors. It’s like trying to get advice on how to physically implement something creative from someone that doesn’t have a creative bone in their body and just recently read a book. We may pick up a few general things, but most of it will be useless and even counter-productive!

PROJECTORS! Must know this about themselves. Have I heard it a million times? Yes. But until today I didn't understand the 'why.' Listen to this simple explanation. Projectors without a 'tribe,' without a supportive community with daily interaction, loose their visionary drive. They are depleted when going it alone.

Truly trusting my splenic impulses has NEVER lead me wrong. Not one time. It has always guided me in a way that was harmonious and pointed me in the direction of the wisest, most intuitive choice. Every time I’ve ignored or overruled my Splenic Authority with logic – I’ve regretted it. Unfortunately, I have often allowed another to dangle the proverbial carrot in front of me when something isn’t working with a promise to change, and my trusting them, not myself, my Splenic Authority. I have wasted a lot of time and made bad and often, expensive choices.

We are continually fed the go-getter concepts where we have to “Get out there and make something of yourself!” until you are choking. If you want something, you need to make it happen right? No, and this is the problem, this doesn’t work for us Projectors.
Each time I listened to another’s way of operating; it’s resulted in frustration and disappointment. I begin to feel the bitterness and even self-contempt.

Every extraordinary success, on all levels, financially, emotionally, Spiritually, and physically, came about by waiting for the correct invitation by those that recognized my gifts.

Audio Links are sections from the talents of Randy Richmond (passed away 2017-God-speed-lovely being), the voice of Angelica Christi, Martin from Hawaii

Below, the 'Abstract' or the 'logic' vs, just do it! Projectors are 'just do it' people.

We have been trained since childhood to view reality in a Newtonian linear fashion using logic to reach a decision. Projectors are non-linear beings operating in a non-linear quantum reality of infinite variables, and this honestly isn’t the case. Take your thumb and forefinger and rest them on top of each other. The problem always rests on the solution, and because the problem didn’t exist until the answer was already present, there is no searching or struggle. Logic is a valid and useful tool for many things, but we have a deeper intuitive connection with reality.