We Are Learning to Fly; That Doesn't Mean We Don't Crash!

I have been blessed as a seer, yet that doesn't mean my journey is easy. Once I stepped onto the path, I discovered incredible bliss, oneness, the astounding highs, and tearful gratitude. And there came moments when the dark shadows cast such a wide net, that I couldn't see the light, and I didn't know if I wanted to go on.
The thing is, this is the quest we each came to partake in sooner or later, and it is easy to see the next steps of another's but to see our own is the golden ring. It is what we came to know. It is why we are here.

I may have been blessed being born as a seer, but know this, I trip on my own stuff more often than I would like to admit.
But that doesn't stop me. I pick myself up and dust off my knees, check the thoughts of my wounded ego and carry on.

I know so many beautiful Souls that came to this planet with an enormous tool-bag of splendid gifts, and yet forget and let the little box of challenges we brought on our quest for wholeness / Reunion consume us.

Just remember, you aren't alone! Most of us set high goals for ourselves, so when you go on facebook, or twitter, or Instagram, know this, all the 'perfect lives' you may see stream across your page have their dark and challenging times to overcome also. And if they didn't, there isn't much point of being on this planet. Every challenging and worthwhile journey has potholes in the road. Put on your golden cloak of light, don't be shy about asking your Angels and guides for help. Gather hands and carry on.

This journey was not meant to go alone.