With Incredible Power Comes Great Responsibility!

With incredible power comes great responsibility! And each of us came into this world with the ability to create any world we desired.
Yes! We are that powerful, although we have forgotten that every step we take, every word we speak, every energy we feel, creates our outer world; and that includes either the delight or turmoil we feel within. Most have forgotten just how powerful they are because coming into a world filled with blame, victim-hood, greed, and desperation make it hard to remember.
Do you want to stay at lower energy levels or move to new heights?
It’s your choice. Your world becomes what you attract; the lower energy levels draw experiences and consciousness that don’t support your highest potential. Each of us is responsible for our state of being in every moment; it is never about someone or something else.

Our job is to observe the lower energy levels that reinforce the world we don’t want and choose the energy patterns of the world we do want.
Your thoughts are a self-perpetuating cycle that will send you upward or downward creating a world that matches the exact vibrations of energy you are emanating.
I am not suggesting you stick your head in the sand! Be conscious of your world around you—it is your creation on every level; consciously or unconsciously taken on. As with each perceived darkness in another, there is a lesson within about yourself; or you would not have judged them. Seriously think about if you want to reinforce the shadow side of self, or be compassionate and see what you can do to contribute to positive change—don’t add to the problem with the negative!

Yes, sometimes I find my mind running with a negative vibe, but I catch myself and then put twice as much energy into positive joy, and love to offset my error.

Become clear about the connection between your vibrations and the life dramas it creates for you to live out. Your energy is both your doorway and your protective gatekeeper.
We are always venerable to dark powers, and it is your responsibility to not to allow them entrance. Allow them to pass like a cloud in the sky. The sky can be seen as the observer and does not attach itself to ‘become the cloud’ as with you; you are not the event or energy so unless it supports your highest good, let it pass. Wish it well!
When you are balanced, and heart focused, your life will reflect increasingly positive experiences, and you will feel more uplifted each day. The more we focus on the positive and send love to everything (Trump is a good example) you will feel the sting of negative thoughts much quicker. Don’t let them pass, shift them to notions of goodness. With same feelings come similar attractions of energy--are you sure you want anything in your world but the most profound goodness?

Please don’t keep repeating that which adds to a painful life; heal the negative by loving it so dearly it disincarnates. The way to end this vicious cycle of adverse events is to become clear about what you do want.
The more positive you become, the more your heart is in gratitude, (no matter what, and I mean that! NO MATTER WHAT--and I speak from experience!) your circumstances change to match the new vibration you are attracting.
The more proficient you get, (meditating on joy and gratitude quickens the process for me) the more beautiful your life gets--and stress-free!
After a while, you can’t understand what others that are negative are so upset about. So remember, don’t open the door on the negative thought forms. Don’t become arrogant, (big negative energy pull), become more empathic and loving.

The vibration of the planet is accelerating, and what this means is that your thoughts are creating instantaneous manifestations into your reality; positive or negative.  Attune yourself to the sweetness of your breath and Heart love as one, and watch how quickly your thoughts become your reality.
The heart center is where Your timeless connection with Source resides.

 Now watch the energy to attract a beautiful life!

Love and Hugs,



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Breathe deeply into the heart center and detach your focus from the low energy circumstances. Feel the energy of light filling you as well as unconditional love. Allow both to wash throughout your being. Remember this feeling so you will recognize when you are not in that state. Return to your breathe and remember who you divinely are. You will be able to shift your energy at any time. Soon you will no longer manifest negativity into your field.

Take conscious command of the moment, regardless of what is going on. When one is obvious what one wants from another, it will guarantee that the desired outcome will not be manifested.

Again, Remember, You are the powerful creator, that can shift the energy. Your breath, positive feelings, and your heart are the keys. Project the outcome you want!
You will reach a point that the negative will no longer rule you. There are no victims. Understand this. Coming from an imbalanced state creates a self-perpetuated downward spiral. To break a pattern of negative, be mindful of your words!

A negative situation may well be the celestial gateway to the shift of consciousness that will lead you to your life’s work.
 Don’t dwell on what is lacking, but regard those situations with gratitude as they will pave the way for a shift in consciousness to put you in a position to manifest exactly what you want, and came into this lifetime to do.