Boy did I learn something important!!

I stopped coaching a few years ago (even through I loved it and had incredible results with t99% of my clients) because the energy of the 1% was so heavy and dark it seeped into my aura even when I was protecting myself with golden light and meditation.

What I realized as a Projector in Human Design, (20% of the population), being super sensitive beings--beyond any other type and that is how we can read the pulse of the planet, that I was jeopardizing my well-being for theirs.

My teacher reminded me of this yesterday. He said, "not only are you a Projector, you are an Intuitive Empath, and you have to stay away or go to the root of why you attract those clients that may be only 5% of your client base, but terribly destructive to your field because they are energy vampires leaving you depressed and wiped out. They feed on your light."

I decided it was time to do more in-depth inquiry into the early stages of life on earth, including a worksheet using Byron Katie’s 'The Work' and discovered that I believed "I" had to 'fix it for them" or 'rescue them’ and took on that responsibility. Just like I did as a child with my mom... and then both husbands, etc.

I am so clear now between being kind and responsible to myself, and thinking I can help those that only want to dump their crap on someone else and refuse to do their inner work. I can guide my clients and show them the way, but not help them --they have to do that themselves and be responsible for their transformation!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am now setting healthy boundaries and calling it as I see it in a clear but loving way.

By 'chance' in my car yesterday, Carolyn Myss's audio came on about Self Esteem and the need to be wanted, and fit in since childhood – I needed to hear that and say NO to toxic energy.

I am excited about coaching again, but now I will vet my clients and turn down those that are wanting someone else to do their work or blaming others. I now own the Miracle Scalar technology to assist in clearing their energy, and hopefully, I can share and sell more ‘Miracles iQubes’ to assist with their awakening, knowing 'it,' nor 'I' can fix them, only assist them.

How about you? Do certain people drain your life force, or are you clearly saying ‘NO’ to that energy in a kind and certain way?

We deserve to be respected, but we have to respect ourselves first!

Blessings and Love, have a fantastic, loivng and quilt free day!