Words have Power, but How Much Energy is Behind the Words is Your Contract

(it continues for 2 pages --the next column is the ending)

In 2009 I went through a divorce that brought about deep inner reflection and healing work as to why once again I had created the same relationship over. Yes, the packaging was different and many other aspects, but the core issue was the same, and by changing partners without healing that deep-rooted wound I was in the same situation I was 12 years prior.

In the darkness and pain, I knew one thing for sure, I couldn't stay on the merry-go-round of life no matter what. I would rather die. I wrote a poem that shattered the world I knew for one of uncertainty, confusion, and the need to trust no matter what was happening.

I only knew one thing. I had to heal that wound that most likely had been transferred from previous lives to this one. 10x's of thousands of dollars later, having taken incredible courses that gave me the tools to heal myself and help others do the same,
I found that poem I wrote in the 2009 years later, and could still feel the power of the words emanating off the page, taking me back to the day I wrote it.
"Oh my god, I must have been crazy! I must rewrite the ending, that way my life will be 'easier.'" So I added the words 'With joy and ease and grace.'
NOPE! As much as I wanted clarity in my life, as much as I wanted to be able to manifest exactly what I wanted when I wanted, it was no longer working. "How could this be? How could the woman that taught others how to manifest whatever they desired, even homes when they had no money, no longer be able to do it for herself?"

Because I wrote a poem, a PRAYER, from the core of my Soul with such power and clarity emanating out of my being; it became a contract that could not be broken. I realized by putting on the new ending was useless, because that energy did not match the original. And honestly, as uncertain as my journey has been since then in my heart I do not want to change the original request.

I have added the beginning and the ending of my two-page 'request'  to Source; I would like to leave you with this, "Your words do have Power, but the amount of energy contained in the words are the contract.

Is it worth it to put tremendous energy behind words? For me, yes, but everyone had the right to decide how quickly they want their desired outcome, what their sacred heart desires beyond all others.