December 8th 2017

Thinking of one of my dreams last night I realized that it didn’t really happen. I said to myself, “I wonder what I am going to dream today?” One of those slips that wasn’t a slip, as my human mind was going to say, ‘tonight’, but instead the expanded mind said ‘today’.

It hit me, “I wonder what I am going to dream today” my gosh, there is no time and this waking state is only another dream state, therefore why do I attach myself to any past experiences? It’s only a reoccurring dream because I believe it to be. There is really no need to hold onto outcomes or experiences I didn’t like or anticipate anything unpleasant or stressful, because, like a dream, we can just let it go.

When I dream at night, I often wake up and think about it for a minute or so. Sometimes I write them down for messages contained within them, but I LET GO, I completely let go and have no problem falling asleep and dreaming another dream. I certainly don’t worry about it, or stress about the last one or what is to come, I just let it pass like the sky does with a cloud. Sometimes I realize I am dreaming and take control of the night dream. This is always fun because the first thing I do is FLY!! And then I change the dream as I wish. I have gone to the past, including, ending up at a marketplace bazaar in the time of Jesus and Mary, (super fascinating!) to visiting a sister that has passed on. True, I cannot prove those lucid dreams. But I do have proof that the ones I designed in the lucid dream state, the ones into the future, as they replayed exactly what I dreamt in the lucid dream state. In the waking state I repeated what I did in the dream, and every response, every person or event plays out exactly the same way. (I got many business deals in the 80’s because of this, as there is no fear in the lucid dream state for me.)

SO, why shouldn’t we respond the same way in the daytime dream, which also is just a dream within a dream, and observe each experience as a night dream? For it is! It is not real, and there is no time! Lucid dreaming proved that to me, as well as having experienced states of bliss where time ceased to exist.